Winter months

As we enter into the dark winter days here November is usually the start of our snow which can and has previously lasted through until March .. (I can assure you the novelty of the white stuff wears off after a few weeks) however so far this November it has been much milder and wetter rain wise than last year .. with an average maximum temperature over 5°C up on 2010 and the lowest we have recorded at grass level was -7.8°C as against -12.4° last November.

Whilst walking down the track to Kindrogan last Monday (21st Nov) I spotted a complete large Salmon on the bank of the river and Martyn (head of centre) put one of our wildlife cameras up on a nearby tree .. on examing the footage we have a wild cat having a good look and sniff .. deciding it was not  ‘fresh’ enough wandered off, later we see a domestic cat having supper .. the next day there was half a Salmon left and this remained until high water presumably washed it away. We were hoping for an Otter which have been sighted and photographed there.



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