2012 the start of a new year

Happy New Year .. and the snow has all but gone already. It has been a very mild winter here compared to last year and our temperatures show that the highest December air temperature we had was 6°C in 2010 compared with 12.6° in 2011 . The lowest air temperature reached -6° in 2011 compared with -16.5° in 2010, the ground temperature reached -20°C in 2010 compared with only -10.5° in 2011. January has also started off very mild with reports of some flowers starting to bloom 2 months early. Kindrogan is quiet bookings wise unil late January so this time of year we are busy preparing for what looks like a very busy 2012. We are looking forward to the arrival of two of gap students tomorrow .. 2 girls are joing us 1 from Canada and the other is coming from Brazil.. a slight change in climate for her ! .. what a shame the snow has gone .. I’m sure we will be getting some more very soon though.


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