Experience of a lifetime ?

We are used to people telling us what an amazing experience they have had at Kindrogan – fantastic location, so peaceful, red squirrels, alive with birds and birdsong, stunning starry nights , great food and friendly staff are all comments we regularly hear.

This week, however, the lucky few have literally been having the experience of a lifetime. Last Thursday (15th) participants from the Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA) training course sat in our ‘Archway’ viewing area watching two wildcats taking turns to come to our floodlit ‘feeding station’ while the Northern Lights played in the sky behind. How lucky was that, surely a one-off.

Well, no it wasn’t. On Saturday night (17th) the few ‘Scottish Potters’ who could tear themsleves away from the now traditional and very lively Ceilidh, were treated to a repeat, though brief, performance.

The trouble is now whether people will be dissappointed at ‘just’ seeing wildcats or the Northern Lights, we’ll have to see what we can come up with next!.


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