New Wildlife-watching area

Our log pile ‘feeding station’ has proved very popular with birds, woodmice, deer, red squirrels and pine martens (, so we have built a second one outside the Archway.

If all goes to plan, visitors will be able to sit in the comfort of the Archway, cup of coffee in hand, watching wildlife right outside the window. The area can be gently illuminated at night, so even nocturnal beasties will be seen well.

Within a day birds and red squirrels had discovered the food and were performing well for spectators, but we think it may take a while before pine martens put in an appearance. We’ll let you know as soon as they do.


2 thoughts on “New Wildlife-watching area”

  1. This item evoked memory of watching the re-bonding of swallows after arriving back and investigating old nest site under eaves, as well as a yardful of butterflies.

    1. Thanks Eddie. We don’t seem to have as many swallows nesting at Kindrogan this year – I think many migrants didn’t make it back through the bad weather in spring. There are several nests with young though, and our house martin chicks are very vocal today – perhaps they are ready to leave the nest?

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