Welly Surprise

After a week away it was time to take a walk around the grounds and check all was well. Taking my wellies off the welly rack, I slipped the right boot on. Strange, it was too small – must have picked up the wrong pair. But no, size 8. I tried it on again. Definitely something wrong here, no room for my toes. When I felt inside the welly something wriggled, making me jump and take my hand out pretty sharpish! Mouse I thought, so tried to shake it out. Nothing appeared, but, after much shaking and banging, it emerged – a fair sized toad, looking very unhappy at being evicted. I’m amazed I didn’t squash him.

The welly had been stored upside down on the rack, so it must have been quite a climb up the inside of the boot and into the toe – a nice cosy spot until I came home. Next time I put my welly on I’ll check inside first.

And the toad? I put ‘him’ outside one of our toad bunkers and he hopped straight inside. Guess he had quite a tale to tell his mates.


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