They’re back!

It has gone quite nippy up here, ground frost for the last three nights. The swallows and martins are still moving through, though in much reduced numbers, but, as we predicted, the first of the winter visitors are back already.

“Wink wink, wink wink”. Only faint at first, but getting louder. And then there they were, the first skeins of pink-footed geese flying south. A few people in the car park heard them, and, squinting into the morning sun, watched them pass high overhead. Another group, again just a few, 20 or so, went over early evening. These are just the forerunners of a massive influx from Iceland over the next month, a bit like the first few snowflakes of a blizzard. Usually they fly high, but in low cloud or fog they come in at roof level, sometimes even having to gain height to clear Kindrogan, calling loudly to warn those following.

Now we are waiting for the first fieldfare and redwing – perhaps we should organise a sweepstake? Anyone like to guess at a date?


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