Pine marten update

We put the camera trap out again tonight, the first time for a while. It happened to coincide with the first real snowfall of winter, but before the snow started in the early hours of the morning we captured three pine martens coming for peanuts. At one point all three were together, and looking at the eye reflection ‘Squinty’, one of this year’s kits, was present and obviously doing very well despite a ‘bad’ eye. We assume it is the female and two now well-grown kits still together as a family group.

See video of the pine martens on our YouTube site.


2 thoughts on “Pine marten update”

    1. Dave, There wasn’t an actual video to go with this blog .. I have put a pine marten up from this year along with a squirrel video. We decided that unless there was anything ‘special’ we had enough pine marten videos posted . We are trying for some more daylight ones this year.

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