National Nest Box Week

Valentine’s Day sees the start of National Nest Box Week. Find out more by following the link to the BTO site,18N9M,3I71C3,471GY,1 , and help the birds in your garden by providing safe nest sites.

We have a wide variety of nest boxes in the grounds at Kindrogan, some more successful than others. Regular nesters are blue tit, great tit, jackdaw and tawny owl, but we also have boxes out for redstart, pied and spotted flycatchers, wren, robin, treecreeper, goosander, swift, house martin, dipper and grey wagtail. Then there are several designs of bat box, including a huge hibernation box down by the river (for Daubenton’s).

A couple of our nest boxes have a camera built in, so that adds another dimension and allows visitors (and staff) to ‘spy’ on the birds and their young.

blue tit chicks in nest

Blue tit chicks in nest

tawny owl box

Tawny Owl Box


treecreeper box

Treecreeper Box

combined swift and bat box

Combined Swift and Bat Box ( demonstrator available seperately !)

bat hibernation box

Bat Hibernation Box

We are thinking about boxes for our red squirrels and pine martens, and I guess, with a bit of imagination, you could call our artificial otter holt a nest box!


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