Pete Wishart visits Kindrogan 31st May

As part of the FSC’s 70th Anniversary in 2013  several MP’s have accepted invitations to visit our field centres and Kindrogan was pleased when Pete Wishart accepted an invitation from us to visit one morning to see some of what we do here. His visit coincided with two primary schools being here and after a tour of the facilities he was watching them team building and  on our ropes course.


pete wishart

Pete Wishart has been the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire since 2005.  Before then he was the MP for North Tayside (2001-2005).  The change in constituency seat is due to a redrawing of the constituency boundaries.

His website lists “walking in the Perthshire hills” as one of his enjoyments. Previously been a Director of the Fast Forward charity (registered in Scotland) which promotes healthy lifestyles for young people.

He is currently the Shadow SNP Spokesperson for: Constitution; and Culture, Media and Sport

Parliamentary activity in the last six months has mainly been about Scotland/Scottish independence, EU membership (both UK and Scottish), welfare, and generally causing mischief for all parties (especially when the party holds opposing views on the same issue – dependent on which side of the border they are!).  The only questions regarding education that have been asked concern Higher education in Scotland and the negative impact that UK Government’s immigration policies could have on them.  There has been nothing on outdoor learning and fieldwork.


The Westminster constituency Perth and North Perthshire was created as a result of the Fifth Periodical Review by the Boundary Commission for Scotland and came into existence for the 2005 general election.

Situated in the very heart of Scotland, Perth and North Perthshire has some of the most scenic Scottish glens, with a wide variety of landscapes, from the rich agricultural straths in the east, to the high mountains of the southern Highlands. Perthshire’s main industries are Agriculture, Tourism and Forestry.

The city of Perth is wholly contained in Pete’s constituency.  Perth has a compact city centre with the North and South Inch at each end and flanked by the River Tay. Perth is Scotland’s first Cittaslow city and is known for its unique shopping, excellent galleries, museums and its theatre and concert hall. Perthshire has attracted high-tech industry investment in recent years and is a centre of insurance and banking and other major service providers.

Pete Wishart at the ropes

Getting ready for the ropes course…


Pete Wishart at front blog

Pete with the children from Chirnside Primary and Morrison’s Academy Schools



Pete Wishart lawn blog

Left to Right : Jan Byrom (Bursar) , Martyn Jamieson (Head of Centre), Pete Wishart, Rich ‘Tilly’ Tildesley (tutor) , Duncan Maclean (senior tutor) , Steve Tilling (FSC director of communications)


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