Isle of Lewis and Harris trip 1st – 8th June

Martyn has recently returned from another successful trip to the Isles of Lewis and Harris with another group and here are some of the photo’s taken.

Basking Shark

Basking shark off Gallan Head, Lewis.

Second biggest fish in the world, but luckily a plankton feederFulmers

Fulmars : Guess who was dangling over the top of the 1000ft cliffs on St Kilda?

hotel 1

Baile-na-Cille:  Our hotel for the duration with spectacular views ( see below too )

hotel 2

luskentyre 1

Luskentyre Beach :  Oh no, not another beautiful beach to walk along

luskentyre 2

Could easily be the Caribbean ..

Soay Sheep

Soay sheep on St Kilda – they are probably the most primitive ‘domestic’

sheep there is (unchanged because isolated since Bronze Age on St Kilda).


Valtos Beach Isle of Lewis

st kilda 2

Above :

Boreray and Stac an Armin, St Kilda.St Kilda is actually a group of islands, the remains of a volcano crater which blew apart.Those cliffs at the back on Boreray are over 1000ft sheer. The men used to climb about on them collecting seabird eggs and young for food.


st kilda app 1

Above and below : Approaching St Kilda at speed (about 19 knots at this point)

st kilda app 2


st kilda app 3


St kilda

The Team on St Kilda

st kilda 3

Leaving St Kilda .. only 60 miles back !


Old burial ground at Baile-na-Cille


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