Kindrogan Dawn Chorus – June 5th

In early June University College of London were here with a group of students studying genetics and evolution and environment, a visiting staff member  ‘Fraser Simpson’  recorded bird sightings and calls over the week .

Below are links to his records scanned from our wildlife diary .

Bird list 1

Bird list 2

Bird list 3

From Fraser’s website

“I’ve been noting the chronology of species joining the dawn chorus since 2003 at Kindrogan Field Centre in Perthshire, Scotland. This occurs in the first or second week of June when I’m present on a university field course. While this phenomenon of gradual song burst leading up to sunrise (approximately 04:28 on 5 June 2013) probably peaks sometime earlier in May, many species are still clearly defending territories from neighbouring males, guarding fertile females from extra pair copulations, or in some cases still attempting to attract a mate, or additional mates. Here is the chronology from a typical morning on 5 June 2013 with 50% cloud cover and almost no wind. Listen to an excerpt of the dawn chorus from a sound recording made that morning featuring Robin, Great Tit, Wren, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Goldcrest, and Treecreeper.”

Fraser Smith dawn chorus 1 Fraser Smith dawn chorus 2


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