Kindrogan Ravens


The winter roost is already building up. Russell’s birdwatchers counted about 100 circling over Kindrogan Crag at dusk last week, and numbers will build over the next few months to peak in January/February.

See Russell’s report for his ‘Autumn Birds’  here

Scandinavian Invasion

Every morning since 15th October the trees in our well-wooded grounds have been alive with sound and movement. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of thrushes are arriving overnight, flying in to the east coast of Scotland and coming to ground at first light. The mixed flock of redwing, fieldfare, blackbird, song and mistle thrush noisily chatter away while stripping our rowan trees of berries before moving on late morning. You suddenly realise all is quiet, and they’ve gone.

A handful of brambling have also arrived, earlier than in other years I think, and have joined the chaffinches at our black sunflower feeders.

Friends of Kindrogan Weekend

Despite the rain, nine ‘Friends’ enjoyed the weekend at Kindrogan. As ever, they did a great job tidying the borders and Steading garden, while putting the library back in good order gave some respite from the worst of the weather.

The Friends joined Autumn Photography course participants on Saturday evening for an illustrated talk, ‘Pure Nature’, by course leaders Margaret and John Sixsmith. After enjoying wildlife and landscape photographs from around the world, it was time to see some very special local wildlife for real – watching our pine martens by torchlight from a strategically parked FSC minibus.

More rain on Sunday didn’t dampen enthusiasm for completing the gardening tasks, and after lunch the clouds cleared in time for a walk around the grounds with Martyn looking at future plans for buildings, wildlife hides, camp fire area, our artificial otter holt and the variety of bird and bat boxes we have provided to enhance the biodiversity value and interest of Kindrogan.

The final treat was afternoon tea with a wonderful Aart and Amanda cake to celebrate 70 years of the FSC and 50 years of Kindrogan as a field centre. It seemed a shame to cut into the cake, but we did!

Did you want to become a friend ?  it’s easy and free !  see


Friends group Oct 2013 2 small Friends group Oct 2013 3 small Friends group Oct 2013 small


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