Scottish Potters Sculpture

Over the weekend of the 26th and 27th October members of the Scottish Potters Association braved the rain to ‘re-build’ their sculpture . At the moment it is covered to protect it from the weather whilst the mortar dries. In a couple of weeks the potters will be back to check all is fine and re-point where necessary – then all will be revealed.

The sculpture was originally made at the Scottish Potters’ Association workshop in March 2012. It was built and the shape carved out by SPA members and students from the City of Glasgow College, all under the supervision of Welsh artist Gwen Heeney. She is senior lecturer in ceramics at Wolverhampton University and an internationally known Public Artist. The special architectural bricks were provided by Ibstock Brick Limited.

DSC02781 DSC02791DSC02793 DSC02795 DSC02799 DSC02800

After the workshop we separated the bricks making up the sculpture; numbering them carefully and then hollowed out them in preparation for firing. The bricks were transported to Raeburn Brick Ltd in Glasgow, where they were dried and fired to 1060 Celsius. This weekend the 300 bricks were reassembled and the sculpture rebuilt on a prepared concrete foundation, using a mortar coloured to match the bricks, which was provided by Masons Mortar in Chalestown, Fife.



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