January 2014

At least two pine martens, one of which is ‘Squinty’, are still coming to take food each night, and in fact are often sitting waiting for me if I am late with the peanuts.

A stoat in white winter coat (ermine) has been seen a couple of times down near Old Garden Cottage, and our red squirrels are very active at the moment – there are at least four collecting and burying peanuts most of the day. Two are adults with very pale tails, the others are small and very ginger, so probably last year’s young.

165 raven were counted coming in to the Kindrogan Crag roost at dusk (1530-1700hrs) on 19th Jan. Great to watch and listen to these intelligent birds gathering for this highly social occasion.

Also on the 19th we counted  (monthly Wetland Bird Survey) 154 goldeneye on the local lochs down near Dunkeld (Lowes, Craiglush and Butterstone). All are now in immaculate breeding plumage and the colourful drakes were taking every opportunity to display and impress the more dowdy ducks.

This weekend (26/26th) is the RSPB Big Birdwatch. To take part all you have to do is spend an hour counting the maximum number of individuals of all species within an hour in your garden. I’ll be counting from my window overlooking the feeders in Kindrogan grounds, so expect to be kept quite busy – watch out for the results next week. Why not see if you can ‘beat’ me!


Martyn Jamieson


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