Mid March update

17th March

There are still 3 male bramblings feeding with the chaffinches below the black sunflower feeders. They are now moulting into breeding plumage, with vivid orange chest and belly contrasting with sooty black heads.


Over the weekend several people are convinced they heard a male capercaillie calling just along the track from the centre. There were certainly capers here in the past, in fact they regularly appear in the old Kindrogan game book from the 60’s, but I don’t know of a record since the 80’s. It would be wonderful if they are back.


There was also a very unusual sighting of a Dodo at the Scottish Potters Association ceilidh on Saturday night. Close observation revealed that this dodo was far from extinct, thrives on a diet of beer, and has mastered the art of Scottish dancing. It also seemed to be called Simon, an unusual name for a Dodo. We are hoping that someone had the presence of mind to photograph this rare creature and, if so, we will share the images with you. We believe this particular individual may be nocturnal, but further research is obviously required.


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