Farewell from Martyn and Jan

After nine very happy years at Kindrogan, Martyn and Jan have left to run their croft over on South Uist. You can follow their progress on the WildKindrogan blog under “Our man on Uist”

martyns croft

Our new home !

Martyns puffin 2

This was presented to us as a leaving present from all the Heads of Centres .


Before leaving, they decided to get married at Kindrogan, a very special day and a fitting end to their time at the centre. Perhaps the first ever wedding to actually take place at Kindrogan?

Martyn commented “Over the years we have tried to improve standards at Kindrogan, and have been lucky to work with and meet so many lovely people, many of whom have become close friends. What a privilege to have had the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place”.

Daniel Moncrieff heads up the new FSC Scotland team, with Lizzie Phipson as his Assistant Head of Scotland based at Kindrogan. Both are experienced FSC staff and look forward to meeting you all at FSC Kindrogan and the newly opened FSC Millport (Isle of Cumbrae).


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