Building commences at FSC Millport


Last week marked the start of some very exciting times for us here at FSC Millport; the builders arrived on site ready to start building our brand new accommodation block. These building works mark the start of Phase one for FSC Millport and will include the building of a 32 twin en-suite room, a lecture theatre with a capacity for 150 students as well as a new teaching laboratory. In order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible we will also be installing an environmentally- friendly Biomass district heatting system which will heat the new building as well as existing ones.

At a total cost of just over £3 million we hope that this new building will attract more and more school and university groups who want to learn in the outdoors; as well as professional development groups looking to take advantage of our perfect location on the Clyde. With all this work due to be complete by the middle of May the next year is looking to be a very exciting one indeed.


To end the week a ground breaking event took place on Friday with guests including Councillors from North Ayrshire and representatives of Highlands and Islands enterprise who are both funding much of the building works.

Keep checking the blog for more exciting updates on our building works and progress into the New Year.


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