Wild weather on Cumbrae

The “weather bomb” has certainly exploded here on at FSC Millport, for the past 2 days we have battened down the hatches and crowded round radiators avoiding the outdoors as much as possible. With the ferries cancelled for most of yesterday and all of today (not looking promising for tomorrow either) all we can do is watch the weather.


During Tuesday evening gusts reached up to 55 mph making staff accommodation feel like it was being rocked to sleep. Thunder storms were also frequent during the night with lightning strikes lighting up the skies over the center down the road, I fell asleep unable to tell thunder from the wind.


Today (Wednesday) has provided is with more extreme weather and a few incidents at the station. Visibility has been reduced to a maximum of 10 m numerous times throughout the day due to hail storms accompanied by lightning strikes. At lunch I braved the wind and took some photos of the stormy seas; don’t let the sun fool you that was for a few lucky seconds. After a final blizzard the sun descended and now the wind can only be heard.

Fingers crossed for a calmer day tomorrow, I feel we all need a break from wind facials.

Stay safe everyone !


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