First groups arrive at Kindrogan

Despite our best efforts, ice did occasionally impede our entry into the river

Fun was had by all!
Here at Kindrogan, we were very excited to welcome our first group of the year, an AS geography group, eager to study downstream change on the river Brerachan!
The sceptical amongst you may think that a group of 17 year old girls would have been fazed by the challenge they faced. However, their willingness to jump in the river and collect data would show up even the most hardened of geographers. As they slid into the Brerachan, with their Marigolds donned and hand warmers at the ready, the girls proved that a little bit of snow and ice wouldn’t stand in the way their learning. Their enthusiasm for geography even managed to shine through during their performance of waterfall formation; obviously their account was heavily reliant on the medium of interpretive dance…

It wasn’t all work, as we attempted to play Frisbee- the Frisbee may have got slightly damp- and warmed ourselves up with Penguin races on the way back. Despite the widespread enjoyment of the day, I think it was fair to say that all of us were looking forwards to a slice of Fiona’s homemade carrot cake that was awaiting us when we returned to Kindrogan.


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