Our Resident Pine Martens

Country Diary Archive Pine MartenHere at Kindrogan Field Centre we are very lucky to have pine martens that live on and around the site year on year. This year has been no different and visitors to the centre are able to view them feeding most nights, and, on occasion, in the day. They feed on peanuts that we scatter onto the log pile and their activity can be watched from our hide or through the video recorder and screen indoors.

Pine martens are opportunists. They are in fact predators, therefore, as well as taking the opportunity of eating the food we leave for them, other mammals that are attracted, such as mice, may be on the menu too! Pine martens are one of the few predators agile enough to catch squirrels, so this too may be part of their diet, red squirrels are abundant around the centre.

Visitors may, if they wish, record their sightings in our wildlife observation diary; we have countless timed and dated accounts of their  activity. Other sightings include: squirrels, deer, hedgehogs, mice.

‘Two pine martens climbed onto the logs before jumping off and disappearing again. Deer coming and going. Our first night here!’

‘Great sighting. Squinty catches a wood mouse.’

One of our pine martens has gained the name Squinty, one of its eyes may have been damaged whilst hunting other mammals or birds. Follow this link to watch footage of Squinty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-p-jjONAsQ

More videos of the wildlife around our log pile can be found on our FSC Scotland Youtube channel.





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