The Robertson Aquarium: newly refurbished and open to the public.

The newly refurbished aquarium as part of the Robertson museum at FSC Millport is now open to the public to come and experience. The aquarium offers you the chance to see the creatures that live under the Clyde close up as well learning about the exciting marine history of the Clyde in the museum such as past explorers and shipwrecks. It is also uniquely sustainable, returning every creature to the wild after just 3 weeks and replacing them with new animals from the local waters. This also means there is always something new and exciting to see if you decide to return for a second visit.

Each tank has a unique blend of different species to see and learn about. By just sitting and watching a single tank for 10 minutes you can be blown away by the behaviours of the fascinating creatures that inhabit the local waters.

Each tank has a description of the species  along with a drawing so you can match the species name to individuals within the tank. There are also fascinating facts to learn that you can wow friends and family with.

The aquarium has activities for children to become more engaged with what they are seeing and a shop to buy both refreshments and souvenirs. Both the museum and aquarium are open 10am-4pm daily and at a price of only £2 per adult and £1 per child.


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