Being a Kindrogan Placement Student

Teaching is great fun!! My favourite day which I have had in two months of working with FSC Scotland was taking a leading role with an S1 group from Morrison’s Academy. This was the first time that Emma and I had played such a predominant role in the education team; in the past we typically would observe, perform supportive education roles or other necessary job on site. Now, we were teaching!

It was particularly nice to build a relationship with the new arrivals, and we were able to do this from the moment they got off the bus. After showing them to their rooms we got stuck straight into team games. The aim of the first activity was for the children to contemplate what characteristics make a great team member and to annotate a chalk drawing of one of their group members with these.

The groups were given the opportunity to live up to these characteristics in the five team games which we had prepared in the centre grounds.  The games challenge different aspects of working as a team, some require definitive leadership or group decision making; all require co-operation and are enhanced by energetic participation.  It is evident that the groups which work better as a team enjoy the games more and complete them faster.


In order to tire the kids out before their first night at the Field Centre it is a good idea to run a lively exercise. We chose orienteering. A colossal highlight from my time in Scouts, it felt great to be leading such an exercise with the kids and seeing how much they were enjoying it. The school did exceptionally well with a draw of six teams for third place, something which even the longer standing staff members had never seen!

I found it challenging to gaining the attention of the class when talking and making sure that I remembered all the necessary instructions, however I felt that I learnt a lot from the experience and look forward to my next opportunity to teach a class!


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