Snorkelling at Millport

Despite cold temperatures in the sea of only just over 7 degrees, staff at FSC Millport took to the waters this week to qualify as BSAC Snorkel dive instructors. Five members of Millport staff, plus an extra recruit from Blencathra field centre, took part in the course during Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and all managed to pass!

The course took place over 2 days and included practical and classroom training followed by both practical and classroom assessments. This means that our staff not only had to put up with the freezing temperatures of the sea once but had to head out there twice, the second of which leading sessions of their own. Despite the uncomfortable conditions of the sea, not to mention the cold temperatures outside of the water (snow could be seen on nearby mountains) all managed to qualify and have a good time while doing so.

Snorkelling is a big part of many of the courses that take place at Millport during the spring and summer. This ranges from real family holidays, which take place both in the Easter and summer holidays, leisure learner courses such as ‘snorkeling, sand and sailing’, to university masters courses. We now have a large team of qualified instructors to join those already teaching snorkelling at Millport.

Thanks to the BSAC for running the course and well done to all the staff members that overcame the temperature and passed the course.C7h4_JqXkAAv-lo


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