Citizen scientists are the future!

Since the 19th Century, amateur naturalists were at the forefront of collecting specimens and developing our understanding of the natural world. Many conservation organisations today still rely on the public to get involved, for example, RSPB have more than a million members and the National Trust has 60,000 volunteers helping manage and protect the natural landscape.

All contributions are valued in the name of science whether it is cleaning up litter from our beaches to recreational divers counting and monitoring of invasive Japanese seaweed on our coastal areas. Citizen science is a fun interactive way to be a part of collecting valuable scientific data, there are many events you can be a part of throughout the year. One of them being FSC Kindrogan’s BioBlitz which will be happening on the 17th June 2018, where you could be helping us find out what species are living on our doorstep.Bioblitz advert

For more information check out:

To get involved with citizen science at home follow these links:



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